Thanks for visiting Player Ready and Driver Ready VR!

We know VR is new so can seem confusing. But we are available to answer any questions by phone or on Live Chat on our website or Facebook (

For parties please email or call us - especially for larger numbers than five headsets as we have special Party Packages!

You can book VR Events such as weddings, schools or parties on this form but we recommend chatting to us first!

So please call 01209-311581 or email with any questions.

However to book for 1-5 players for VR or 1-4 Racers just simply choose the length of the experience (30-120mins) and how many people want to play at the same time (headset each). Note: We allow two people to share one headset as a maximum.

So with four headsets in 1 hours - 8 people could attend and take turns. For racing it’s max of 2 racers per Simulator taking turns in a 60 min slot (30 mins each). There is also four player packages to quickly book four headsets or four cars for one hour at the same time!!

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Sun Feb 17, 2019

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